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Trim economical masking, 2-way


The new Trim™ masking screen brings motorized masking to a new budget level while still being made to order in our US factory.  We designed the Infinite Black™ velvet borders to be removeable so that we could then ship the masking screen nested in a cardboard box instead of a 700 pound crate that we spent three days building.  This saves the consumer a lot of cost and also gives the option that if the velvet is damaged the panels can be inexpensively repaired or replaced.

The Trim masking screen features acoustically transparent masks and Infinite Black velvet borders on the masking bars for perfect edge absorption.  The screen attaches either using the grip channel for our Enlightor acoustically transparent fabrics or with posts, grommets and o-rings for our Radiant or Ambient-Visionaire screen materials.

The independently controlled DC motors can be controlled via IR receiver, trigger, dry contact, RF, RS-232, Ethernet or Z-wave.

16:9 (1.78) Image W Image H Image D Total
Trim TB-90 90.0" 50.5" 103.2" 97.3"x58.9"x2.7"
Trim TB-96 96.0" 54.0" 110.1" 103.3"x62.3"x2.7"
Trim TB-100 100.0" 56.2" 114.7" 107.3"x64.5"x2.7"
Trim TB-110 110.0" 61.8" 126.2" 117.3"x70.1"x2.7"
Trim TB-120 120.0" 67.5" 137.7" 127.3"x75.8"x2.7"
Trim TB-130 130.0" 73.1" 149.1" 137.3"x81.4"x2.7"
2.40 Image W Image H Image D Total
Trim L-96 96.0" 40.0" 104.0" 104.4"x47.3"x2.7"
Trim L-100 100.0" 41.7" 108.3" 108.4"x49.0"x2.7"
Trim L-110 110.0" 45.8" 119.2" 118.4"x53.1"x2.7"
Trim L-120 120.0" 50.0" 130.0" 128.4"x57.3"x2.7"
Trim L-130 130.0" 54.2" 140.8" 138.4"x61.5"x2.7"
Trim L-140 140.0" 58.3" 151.7" 148.4"x65.6"x2.7"
Trim L-150 150.0" 62.5" 162.5" 158.4"x69.8"x2.7"