The new Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART) screen wins the CEDIA Best New Product Award!
With capability of over 20 feet high and 40 feet wide, replaceable velvet fascia, carbon fiber masks and patent-pending adjustability on-site, Seymour-Screen Excellence's class-leading masking is now available for the largest home cinemas and even small commercial theaters.


"The Seymour-Screen Excellence TAM-1T system is a luxury product for sure."  "For those of you with the means, I can't recommend this system highly enough."
- Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater, March 2017, TAM-1T


(Winner - Top Pick of The Year!)  "The impressive Seymour-Screen Excellence Ambient Visionaire Black 1.2 light-rejecting screen was also a genuine revelation." 
- 2017 Top Picks of the Year

"I was seriously impressed by this projection screen."  "Images were so close in appearance to the reference screen (Stewart StudioTek 100) , few 'civilian' enthusiasts would ever notice the difference."  "It does very obviously do exactly what Seymour-Screen Excellence claims it will do, reject significant amounts of off-axis ambient light, maintaining better image contrast ratios.  Highly recommended..."
- Doug Blackburn, November 2016, Ambient-Visionaire Black 1.2

"This is the fourth such material I've reviewed to-date and it is clearly the best so far."  "What Seymour is offering here is all the performance of the top reference-level screens with the addition of light-rejection."  "This product earns my highest recommendation."
- Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater, May 2016, Ambient-Visionaire Silver 1.3


(Winner - Top Pick!)  "Seen from front-on or within the maximum viewing radius in my room of around 75 degrees, this is the best execution of [ambient] light rejection and lumens utilization I have yet experienced, that being with lights on."  "'Game changer' severely understates it.  Highly recommended - can't exaggerate it enough." 
- Michael Hamilton, Sound & Vision, March 2016, Ambient-Visionaire Black 1.2


"Based on the image I saw on a 10-foot-wide Seymour-Screen Excellence Ambient-Visionaire Black screen (1.2 gain), it's well worth that kind of money.  In fact, it was the best projected image I saw at the show and that was playing normal Blu-rays!" 
- Scott Wilkinson, AV Science, January 2016, Ambient-Visionaire Black 1.2


"The new [Enlightor-4K] screen itself, though, is an unqualified success.  I really can't overstate how terrific it looks or how smoothly and quietly it works, and how easy this makes big-screening in a multi-purpose room." 
- Daniel Kumin, Sound & Vision, March 2015


BEST IN CLASS, "This material was very color neutral.  This is a less aggressive alternative to a [unrecommended] Black Diamond."
- W. Jeff Meier, reference calibrator to over 2,000 theaters, Ambient-Visionaire Silver 1.3


"Because of my room layout, I sit 7' away from this 110" screen.  Even with this short distance I didn't notice any grain or texture from the weave.  It's tight enough that every pixel from the projector is visible but it still allows sound to pass through."  "From 300Hz to 20kHz, there is no attenuation of individual frequencies."
- Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater, April 2014, Enlightor-4K

(Winner - Top Pick!)  "The Seymour-Screen Excellence's Reference Series Enlightor-4K screen would definitely be on my list if I went that route for a permanent, dedicated theater installation." 
- Tom Norton, Sound & Vision, April 2014

"Wisdom Audio, Runco and Seymour-Screen Excellence (on a 21 foot Enlightor-4K acoustically transparent screen) delivered the best large venue home theater experience I have ever had."
- Gary Reber, editor

From the Wisdom Audio room: "Throw in a Runco projector, a 21-foot-wide 2.40:1 Seymour Screen Excellence screen, a Datasat processor, Lab.gruppen amps, and Peter Gabriel's "Mercy Street," and you've got the makings of a memorable demo."

7 Must-See Demos at CEDIA Expo 2013: Wisdom Audio, Runco, Lab.gruppen, Transparent Audio, and Seymour-Screen Excellence feature a 271" diagonal Enlightor-4K screen, Wisdom 10' tall line array speakers, 60kW of Lab.gruppen amplifiers and a new Runco projector.
- CEPro, pre-CEDIA 2013 coverage.

Artcoustic Loudspeakers selected a Screen Excellence RF Acoustically Transparent 170" home theater screen for use in their stunning home cinema demonstration facility.
- Screen Excellence Blogspot, June 2013

"The foundation of the MFR is S-SE's Enlightor-4K woven-fabric acoustically transparent film screen surface. This 0.98 gain surface is both ISF-certified for color purity and has no visible holes, weave, texture, or minimum seating distance."
Residential Systems, May 2013

Reasons why Acoustic Frontiers choose to feature Seymour-Screen Excellence screens.
- Nyal Mellor

"The build quality of this blank canvas is exquisite."
- Steve May, The Register, September 2012 

"Seymour-Screen Excellence showed its new, acoustically transparent screen that does the job without an obvious weave or visible perforations." 
- Tom Norton, Sound & Vision, September 2012

Seymour-Screen Excellence shows retractable screen with ISF rated 4K material
- Rave publications, CEDIA, September 2012
Seymour-Screen Excellence highlights Absolute AT screen...
- Rave publications, CEDIA, September 2012

"Hiding the speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen heightens this effect. Projecting the image on a curved screen makes it even better. Now Seymour-Screen Excellence has combined both those techniques in the Absolute Acoustically Transparent home theater screen."
- Grant Clauser, Electronic House, August 2012

"I used the JVC XC70 with a 120-inch Seymour-Screen Excellence Enlightor-4K screen.  This acoustically transparent screen is constructed of such an invisible micro weave that you need to put your nose on it to see the texture.  I could pull my seat two feet closer from where I normally sit with my DLP projector, for a more immersive experience."
- Grant Clauser, CE Pro, August 2012

EDITOR'S PICK: "The quality of the sound was unaffected by the material, and only required a level adjustment to match speakers not behind the screen."
- Grant Clauser, CE Pro, May 2012

"The Seymour-Screen Excellence Enlightor-4K material proved that it could deliver on both picture and sound fronts by displaying a gorgeous, rich picture that wasn't marred by the presence of speakers placed at an unnatural level."
"I have a small Stewart Grayhawk which I moved in front of the [Enlightor-4K] so I could compare the two - colors, especially yellow, on the [Enlightor-4K] were more vibrant when viewed in a dark room."
- Grant Clauser, Electronic House, February 2012

Screen Excellence Enlightor-4K Adopted by JVC UK
"Steven Carter of JVC told Inside CI that he's delighted with the performance of the screen, both with Full HD 2D and 3D source material.  So much so that the TAM-CH is now a permanent part of the brand's 4K home cinema demonstration suite."
- Steve May, Inside CI, January 2012

CEDIA 2011, Best Home Cinema Installation over �100,000, FAB Audio Visual "Arabian Nights."  "FAB Audio Visual's Arabian Nights project was a clear winner thanks to its 'amazing sound system.'  The judges praised the room's 7.1 surround sound system, complete with two Genelec HTS4B floor level subwoofers and two Genelec A1W312 active hidden monitors, concealed on either side of the 120" wide screen.  The Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screen also conceals the HT312 center speaker."

"You can put your nose right up to the screen and not see a hole anywhere.  It does look like a solid-surface screen."
"Because there are no traditional holes in this fabric, sound travels through the screen material differently.  There is an attenuation, but it is a relatively uniform full-range attenuation from low bass to high frequencies.  That means no tonal change to the system.  And it also means that a simple level change of +2dB is all you need..."
"The performance of the S-SE screen is clearly better than acoustically transparent alternatives."
"The Seymour-Screen Excellence Enlightor-4K screen provided a much-improved viewing experience compared with other acoustically transparent screens...  In fact, it was so good, that for the first time ever, I started to dream about a room remodel that would place the screen in a cinema-like 'stage' with nothing visible but the screen."
"...these are certainly the best images I've seen from an acoustically transparent screen so far."
- Doug Blackburn, Widescreen Review, November 2011

"If we were in the market for a fixed-frame front projection screen, we know we'd look closely at what sort of system Seymour-Screen Excellence could put together that included the masking panels.  That's a pretty sweet deal no matter how you look at it."
- Tom Andry, Audioholics, October 2011

"What's more, once it's fully extended, it has enough tension to look as flat and 'solid' as a fixed frame screen.  It's good, too, to see the screen framed by a really light-absorbing black velvet border...  The RM2-T never once betrayed a hint of fabric screen structure from any sort of remotely sensible viewing distance.  And the screen resolved Avatar's extraordinary detail levels and perfect depth handling with seemingly effortless accuracy that was just superb."
- John Archer, Home Cinema Choice, Awards 2011

CEDIA 2010, Best Home Cinema Installation over £100,000, FAB Audio Visual "Gentleman's Club."  "FAB Audio Visual scores the CEDIA Awards hat-trick with what the judges praised as a 'technically flawless solution which will deliver an awesome sound.'  The room boasts two Genelec HTS4B subwoofers at floor level and three Genelec HT315 active monitors behind the 120" wide 2.37:1 Screen Excellence acoustically transparent side-masking screen."

CEDIA 2010, Best Home Cinema Installation £40,000 to £100,000, FAB Audio Visual "The Grey Room."  "FAB Audio Visual triumphs again with this 'awesome cinema which was technically well thought out.'  Audio is delivered by two Genelec subwoofers at floor level and three Genelec active monitors located behind a 120" wide Screen Excellence acoustically-transparent screen."    

CEDIA 2010, Best Home Cinema Installation under £40,000, FAB Audio Visual "Subterranean."  "The client wanted the best cinematic experience possible, and boy did FAB AV deliver.  Deemed by the judges to be a 'well considered and technically outstanding home cinema installation.'  This now award-winning set-up includes three Genelec A1W26 active in-wall speakers, which sit behind and beside a 110" wide 16:9 Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screen."

"What do you get when you combine innovative retractable screen technology and unique screen material design?  In this case, that would be Seymour-Screen Excellence (SSE).  And no, the Seymour part isn't a play on 'see more' as one might suggest for a projection screen manufacturer's motto"
- Arlen Schweiger, CE Pro, November 2010

Seymour-Screen Excellence exhibits its 4K screen material...
- Rave publications, CEDIA, September 2011

Seymour shows off their woven screen technology...
- Rave publications, CEDIA, September 2010




"US-based Seymour AV and UK-based Screen Excellence - both industry leaders in acoustically transparent woven fabric projection screens - have founded a joint venture that combines the best of each company's technology platforms, namely Seymour AV's patented electric retractable screens and Screen Excellence's fixed-frame and masking screens."
- Gary Reber, Widescreen Review, August 2010

"The pixels of the new ultra-high resolution 4K projectors are even smaller than the threads in a typical woven projection screen.  Only a handful of 4K projectors even exist, yet Screen Excellence has already addressed this problem with its Enlightor 4K material, which looks more like a fine fabric than a typical woven screen."
"The Enlightor 4K's finely woven material appealed to the perfectionist videophile in me ... it definitely looked better close up.  It was the only woven screen that could resolve the JVC projector's pixel pattern.  I imagine that with a 4K projector, the difference would be even more dramatic."

- Brent Butterworth, Sound & Vision Magazine, June 2009

Patrice Congard discusses our 4K screen material and TAM-2L constant image height masking system.


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