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True Aspect Masking 4

Perfectly reflecting the director's choices, the new True Aspect Masking (TAM) 4-way screen gives you the exact same image area for any aspect ratio between 16:9 and 2.40.  No longer will you be disappointed that a new movie doesn't fit your screen or utilizes less area.  With the revolutionary TAM-4 constant area screen you can simply sit back and enjoy the content as it was created, on the same reference quality Seymour-Screen Excellence material that the film was mastered in.

We took the industry's thinnest border and most sophisticated frame design and added a secondary set of masks without appreciably increasing the hardware area.  With the sleek 4-4.8" border and same 5.8" depth, the TAM-4 screen maximizes the available image space in the installation, as well as maximizes the legendary acoustical transparency Seymour-Screen Excellence is renowned for.  The narrowest masking bar in the industry (1") can span even our largest sizes straightly due to the larger sizes incorporating carbon fiber.  Maximum image, maximum acoustics.  That's what every home cinema strives for.

Imaging is optimum when the projected image is exactly bordered by our Infinite Black™ velvet borders, providing a significant contrast enhancement together with a real focus on the image.  With the varying aspect ratios of movies, the True Aspect Masking screen masks to adjust the black borders of the image to its actual size.  The True Aspect Masking screen is an acoustically transparent projection screen using the Enlightor-Neo screen fabric, provided with automated masks controlled electronically for a complete, versatile masking with any home automation system.  It can also be simply controlled by IR or RF remotes.

The constant area (CA) screen uses four independent acoustically transparent masks.  It is therefore the ideal match with any lens which can zoom from standard 16:9 to "scope" ratio content which varies up to 2.40.  As standard, we construct the screen at a native 2.07 ratio ensuring that the resulting image area is the same no matter what is displayed.  However, since every screen is a custom product we can start with a native 16:9 frame, 2.0 or 2.40 ratio.

Exclusive to Seymour-Screen Excellence is that the frame width is nearly the same (4" sides, 4.8" top/bottom) as the Reference Fixed frame screens, due to it utilizing the same frame profile.  Only a slightly rearward extension hides the motor and masking assemblies, with the total depth being 5.8".  When comparing automated masking screens, Seymour-Screen Excellence's TAM screens are the sleekest, most sophisticated available anywhere.


2.07 Image W Image H Total
TAM 4 80 80.0" 38.6" 88.0" x 48.2"
TAM 4 90 90.0" 43.5" 98.0" x 53.1"
TAM 4 96 96.0" 46.4" 104.0" x 56.0"
TAM 4 100 100.0" 48.3" 108.0" x 57.9"
TAM 4 110 110.0" 53.1" 118.0" x 62.7"
TAM 4 120 120.0" 58.0" 128.0" x 67.6"
TAM 4 130 130.0" 62.8" 138.0" x 72.4"
TAM 4 140 140.0" 67.3" 148.0" x 77.2"
TAM 4 150 150.0" 72.5" 158.0" x 82.1"
TAM 4 160 160.0" 77.3" 168.0" x 86.9"
TAM 4 170 170.0" 82.1 178.0" x 91.7"
TAM 4 180 180.0" 87.0" 188.0" x 96.6"