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Multi-Format Retractable (MFR)

The new Multi-Format Retractable screen takes our patented, award-winning retractable to the next level.  With either a lateral system (two side masks) to display 16:9 while maintaining a constand image height on a 2.37 native screen, or a horizontal system (one top mask) to display 2.40 while maintaining a constant image width on a 16:9 native screen. 


Seymour-Screen Excellence's electrically retractable screens are the only retractable screens in the world that feature a fabric velvet border.  With multiple times more light-absorbing power, our Infinite Black™ velvet borders perfectly absorb the overscan pixels and frame your image with a sharp, high-contrast edge.  Using patented design features, our retractables also feature a stealth Uni-tab™ system, hiding the side tension cables behind the Infinite Black velvet borders so the screens don't have a huge width penalty or hourglass shape.  With our industry exclusive velvet, your screen will have additional flexibility in how you frame different aspect ratios, such as 1.85 content on a 16:9 screen, or 2.40 content on a 2.37 screen.


The 5.8" high x 10.9" deep extruded aluminum case is finished in your choice of black, white or custom colors.  The case features four on-ceiling mounting rails extending from the ends, adjustable from one to three inches.

With quiet 120v European 4-wire motors and the optional external control box, actuating the screen can be accomplished with wall switches, infrared (IR) receivers, Vdc triggers, radio frequency (RF) receivers, or several other special order options.


1.78 native Image W Image H Image D Masked Case W Batten W
MFR70HD 70.0" 39.1" 80.2" 29.2"h (75.8"d) 83.8" 81.9"
MFR80HD 80.0" 44.8" 91.7" 33.3"h (86.7"d) 93.8" 91.9"
MFR90HD 90.0" 50.4" 103.2" 37.5"h (97.5"d) 103.8" 101.9"
MFR96HD 96.0" 53.8" 110.0" 40.0"h (104.0"d) 109.8" 107.9"
MFR100HD 100.0" 56.0" 114.6" 41.7"h (108.3"d) 113.8" 111.9"
MFR110HD 110.0" 61.6" 126.1" 45.8"h (119.2"d) 123.8" 121.9"
MFR120HD 120.0" 67.3" 137.6" 50.0"h (130.0"d) 133.8" 131.9"
MFR130HD 130.0" 73.1" 149.2" 54.2"h (140.8"d) 143.8" 141.9"
MFR140HD 140.0" 78.7" 160.6" 58.3"h (151.7"d) 153.8" 151.9"
MFR150HD 150.0" 84.3" 172.1" 62.5"h (162.5"d) 163.8" 161.9"

2.37 native Image W Image H Image D Masked Case W Batten W
MFR70WS 70.0" 29.5" 76.0" 51.9"w (59.6"d) 83.8" 81.9"
MFR80WS 80.0" 33.7" 86.8" 59.2"w (67.9"d) 93.8" 91.9"
MFR90WS 90.0" 37.9" 97.7" 66.7"w (76.5"d) 103.8" 101.9"
MFR96WS 96.0" 40.5" 104.2" 71.1"w (81.6"d) 109.8" 107.9"
MFR100WS 100.0" 42.1" 108.5" 74.1"w (85.1"d) 113.8" 111.9"
MFR110WS 110.0" 46.4" 119.4" 81.4"w (93.4"d) 123.8" 121.9"
MFR120WS 120.0" 50.6" 130.2" 88.9"w (102.0"d) 133.8" 131.9"
MFR130WS 130.0" 54.8" 141.1" 96.4"w (110.6"d) 143.8" 141.9"
MFR140WS 140.0" 59.0" 151.9" 103.6"w (118.9"d) 153.8" 151.9"
MFR150WS 150.0" 62.5" 162.5" 111.1"w (127.5"d) 163.8" 161.9"


Below is the white pearl gold, five-coat gloss finish

Below is the Infinite Black™ velvet finish

Below is the natural cherry hardwood veneer finish (other hardwoods available)

Below is a close up picture of the ultrafine, ISF-certified Enlightor-4K screen material before our new Uni-tab feature was released.  For an appreciation of how fine this is, the black velvet side border should be sized on your monitor at two inches, and the stainless steel tension cable is only 1/32 of an inch in diameter.  Want an extreme closeup? Click here for the eight megapixel picture.  To return to the proper perspective, shrink it back down to a two inch wide border.

Handling any pixel density with a moire-proof weave, certified perfect white balance, the 4K also easily lets the sound pass through without any need for EQ.  Used in ISF training courses at CEDIA, the Enlightor-4K is a true reference screen material.