Seymour-Screen Excellence's screens are the most advanced available today.  Using proprietary Enlightor and Ambient-Visionaire screen fabrics, they provide a flawless picture quality, finally enabling you to get the best from both your projector and your sound system in any room.  The Enlightor materials feature 10 to 100 times more holes per square inch than perforated vinyl screens, can support resolutions past 4K, do not have a minimum seating distance, do not moiré, and do not require you to compensate with EQ.  No longer will your theater suffer from having the most critical speaker in the room - the center channel - located near the floor and non-identical to your main channels. Once you become spoiled, you'll never see another home theater the same.

Our new Ambient-Visionaire line of ambient light rejecting screen materials are now available.  With billions of nano-mirrors per screen, dithered at the appropriate viewing angle and layered for ambient light absorption from any angle, the Ambient-Visionaire screens cannot sparkle or color shift your image and have been tested and found BEST IN CLASS.

Reference fixed frame screens
The Reference frame is a bold, 3.75" wide (2.5" deep) border of Infinite Black velvet, available with the Enlightor-4K acoustically transparent screen material with the grip channel attachment method.  The eight-piece frame scales up to 300" wide.  Options include curving and magentically removable masking panels.

Series-3 fixed frame screens
The Series-3 frame is a mid-size, 3.3" wide (1.6" deep) border of Infinite Black velvet, available with any all screen materials.  If chosen with the Enlightor-4, the Series-3 has a griptrack tension system.  Radiant White uses Velcro.  The other screen materials feature o-ring and grommet attachment.  The four-piece frame scales up to a 210" wide image.  Options include curving and magentically removable masking panels.

(NEW) Series-2 fixed frame screens
Our new Series-2 fixed frame screens feature the thin 2.6" wide (1.3" deep) border of Infinite Black velvet, available with either the Enlightor-Bright, Ambient-Visionaire, or Radiant White screen materials.  The four-piece frame scales up to a 130" wide image.

The VistaCurve is either our Reference or Series-3 frame in a CinemaScope widescreen format for a no-compromise reference standard in cinematic immersion.



Reference Motorized
The world's only retractable screen with fabric velvet borders.  Our patented stealth Uni-tab tensioning system hides the majority of the cables and hardware, creating a perfectly flat image without the huge hourglass shape and hardware penalty in other tab tensioned screens.  Available with our Enlightor-4K acoustically transparent screen material for a reference quality image without a minimum seating distance.  Options include custom wood finishes and is available as a Multi-Format Retractable (MFR) with motorized side or top masking.

True Aspect Masking (TAM 2-L)
Our Reference fixed frame screen with motorized, 2-way lateral masks for a constant height system for any aspect ratio.  It provides increased scale for those epic, cinematic films with independently controlled quiet acoustically transparent masks.  Uniquely, our motorized masking screens maintain the thin 3.75" profile to increase the available image area and decrease the visible hardware on that most important wall in the room.

The Absolute
The only available full-closing motorized, curved, masking screen gives you the ultimate in cinematic immersion and best-practice acoustics.  With the Enlightor-4K screen and silent, acoustically transparent masks, there is no minimum seating distance for a sophisticated, reference-quality home theater free from compromise.

True Aspect Masking (TAM 2-TB)
The TAM system is also available in a 2-way, constant-width configuration with top and bottom masks.  For installations that are width-constrained or shere a simpler, set-and-forget, 16:9 aspect ratio is desired to match the projector.